–Deputy Battle– Warrior Cats MAP – CLOSED DUE: 23/09/17

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Be very careful when cutting your audio! If you need help with part start/stop times, ask!
DUEDATE: will be chosen when the map is closed
“Cabinet Battle” from Hamilton
—Parts must be fully animated and heavily lipsynched!
—And not just lipsynching, please have the characters’ heads and bodies move around otherwise, as well! I will NOT be happy if you have a lot of still frames 🙂
— This is a partially scripted MAP with set designs– PLEASE follow it!
— PLEASE CAREFULLY follow the lyrics on the script to know where your part begins and ends– if you are unsure, please ask me! I can give you exact times if you need them!
— Full screen resolution– 1920×1080 or 1280×720 ~!
— Watermarks are YOUR responsibility– I will list all animators at the end and in the description!
— Please include a sendspace link when turning in your part!
Script: http://owlflightkitty.deviantart.com/art/Deputy-Battle-Script-624327183
Designs: http://owlflightkitty.deviantart.com/art/Designs-for-the-Deputy-Battle-map-624449917
Lyrics: http://www.themusicallyrics.com/h/351-hamilton-the-musical-lyrics/3682-cabinet-battle-1-lyrics.html
Intro – CuteFlare
Part 1 – Kawamaru
Part 2 – MyNameIsWater_Dummy
Part 3 – Brownycat
Part 4 – TheQueenOfCapcakes (DONE)
Part 5 – Mine
Part 6 – Mine
Part 7 – BurntClover
Part 8 – Flameheart of Thunderclan
Part 9 – WolfieAmberleaf
Part 10 – Moggie
Part 11 – Brightpelt x
Part 12 – ShinyLightMoon (WIP Seen)
Part 13 – Bernhardine Krams
Part 14 – Bernhardine Krams
Part 15 – TheQueenOfCapcakes
Part 16 – musicpaw
Part 17 – Mine
Part 18 – Fallowhollow
Part 19 – Kamera Mutt
Part 20 – Kamera Mutt
Part 21 – Ummkay
Part 22 – ShinyLightMoon (WIP seen)
Part 23 – Icefelis Otsukimi
Part 24 – Batmanda (WIP seen)
Part 25 – WeptCosine
Part 26 – XMidnightXRoseX
Part 28 – Vixle (WIP seen)
Part 29 – Wish
Part 30 – Wish
Outro – SparkledTuft
– FrankTheTank
– Clover Kuro


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