Theatrical trailer for the 1957 giant monster-on-the loose chiller, THE DEADLY MANTIS, starring Craig Stevens, Alix Talton and William Hopper.

This above average giant bug flick follows a familiar format of a giant prehistoric creature released from the Artic ice which has imprisoned it for millions of years to terrorize mankind. Under the efficient direction by Nathan Juan (20 MILLION MILES TO EARTH, SEVENTH VOYAGE OF SINBAD) the film succeeds both as a atmospheric thriller and a monster movie.

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Adventures of an adolescent Orchid Mantis (Hymenopus Coronatus)

This is the latest adventure of my sub-adult female orchid mantis.
She’ll soon molt an become a full-grown female. I made the video 3 days ago and you can see her swollen wings if you watch carefully. The wings will develop fully immediately after she molts. She will then position herself vertically and pump body-fluids into her wings to unfold them.
I just hope everything will be fine, the final molt often is the most critical one, her falling down during the process will most probably be her death.

-I’ll keep you informed. Until then, feel free to comment 🙂