DEVIL’S FLOWER MANTIS Threat Pose! – (Idolomantis diabolica)


An adult female’s deimatic display.

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Handling Ghost Mantis + hunting and eating cockroach (Phyllocrania paradoxa) [Inferion7]

Phyllocrania paradoxa (Ghost Mantis)

1838 (Burmeister)

Class (Insects)
– Insecta

Order (Mantises)
– Mantodea

– Hymenopodidae

– Phyllocrania

– P. paradoxa (Ghost Mantis)

This video is about my third mantis that i’ve ever bought. It’s female but I think it’s still not adult. It’s quite small species but she looks awesome. Common name is Ghost Mantis that sounds pretty cool but it’s very calm species (it’s not agressive one). She loves eating flies and such but she also eats small cockroaches and she ate a little worm once. She’s more expensive than other mantises. She doesn’t eat grasshopper or big crickets like Sphodromantis lionela or Deroplatys dessicata (my former mantises) and it takes a long time to finish her meal.

You can see 2 parts of this video – the first one is about hunting cockroach (Shelfordella tartara) that is quite cool, than looking (and also eating) and the end of the first part is about handling that is very safe, because this species is not agressive at all. The second part is about showing her size, than eating the cockroach and then there is fast motion eating (4x speed). It takes more than 10 minutes to eat the whole small cockroach (S. tartara).

Price: 200 CZK / 8 USD / 7,4 EUR (for this size – 3 – 3,5 cm female)
Locality: wide range across the African continent
Adult size: up to 4,5 – 5 cm (2 inches)

Music was composed by me using MAGIX Music Maker and also my Digital stage piano Yamaha NP-V80 piaggero. I used some Soundpools and mixed them together. I don’t prefer using soundpools but I like this song so I used it. I own the rights to any music or shots.

Check my profile/channel to find another tarantula or some other interesting and unusual animals/pets. Hope you enjoyed and more videos coming soon.